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  • Member: SuperFusion
  • Studio: First Impact Productions
  • Title: Killa' Foo' Samurai Trailer
  • Premiered: 2005-06-12
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    • Geneon Entertainment (USA) INC. Samurai Champloo Volume 2: Trailer Audio
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  • Comments: warning* ive been told by everyone this sucks , so download at your own risk*

    This video is basically to show off Samurai Champloo's badassness and hopefully I've inspired someone or someones to take interest in the show and catch it whenever they can. I've edited the characters voices in and the actiony beat you'll hear for the most part of the vid. I got the audio off of the Samurai Champloo trailer from Volume 2. It was pretty hard to edit the actiony part away from all the chaos going on in the background and I luckily found one beat that had no background audio whatsoever, so yeah. I got a lucky break. I find it somewhat comedic at the rivalry between Jin and Mugen since they say some pretty funny stuff to eachother like "bitch." Bitch is also one of my favorite words. If I ever do make an action Samurai Champloo vid, I guess I'll name it Killa' Foo' Samurai. I hope you enjoy and comments/opinions are always appreciated!

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