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  • Members: bladezeroX, Mind Benda
  • Studio: Two Kings Studios
  • Title: Part II: Girl Fight Reloaded
  • Premiered: 2005-06-12
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  • Song:
    • SR-71 Goodbye
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  • Comments: **Please Note this video is the original work of the Girlfight Reloaded video. Check out the Rehashed version in Girlfight Reloaded Revolutions.**

    This video took way too f*in long.
    Two months, one month during the semester and one month in California, since I premiered Part I and I'm just now finishing Part II. This was my hardest work so far and movie maker didn't make it any easier. I went through seven remakes of this video before I wound up with the one you see now. These are the songs i went through:
    1st song: John Legend - I Can Change
    2nd Song: Marilyn Manson - Fight Song
    3rd Song: Velvet Revolver - Dirty Little Thing
    4th Song: Ludacris - Southern Hospitality
    5th and 6th Song: Amerie - One Thing
    And then I ended up seeing a video by some guy named Majin Kenshin and it gave me me an idea. The song I ended up using was the one I saw in his video Toushi to SR-71's song Goodbye and it worked out perfectly. So I hope you enjoy it, because it took forever to make and a lot effort too.

    But If I were you I would check the remake i made. Its an improvement to the original at least in my opinion. But check it out, its called Part 2 Girlfights Reloaded Revolutions. Then leave an op telling me what you think of the remake.

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