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  • Studio: amvience studios
  • Title: Bratja
  • Premiered: 2005-06-08
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    • Michiru Oshima Brothers
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    RUNNER-UP: Drama AMV Animethon 2005

    Warning: Speakers may reverberate during periods of increased volume- some parts of this video has audio that is handled better by large speakers. Therefore, unless you want to find out how far your speakers can go before they start to reverberate, then try not to play this video with the volume turned too high up (I suggest turning off, any bass expansion or SRS enhancements on your media player).

    Ok, what can I say about this video that will make you stick around (assuming of course you have the seemingly popular thought of disliking AMVs done to Naruto). Well, one thing I want to say is that perhaps this is more original than your run of the mill Naruto video in the following aspects; the music is slow and not Limp Bizkit, the action in it is minimalistic as in there's barely any in it, and and umm... it's got heart... well, just see for yourself :P

    Well, my purpose in creating this video was to exhibit the relationship that should have been between Sasuke and Naruto. It shows the lives they've led and the similarities that should have brought them together to be the brothers that they wanted. Yet fate conspired to drive them apart, to make them see life in almost different light, a path of darkness and of luminence. This is almost entirely a drama video, and is meant to be more goosebump inducing than adrenaline pumping.

    Effects were done to a minimum with nothing more than soft fades and fade to black and to white. I at first wanted to tone down the colours of the video, but in the end the music was melancholic enough to get that feeling accross. Almost every soft murmur of the bass strings was done to a beat and where appropriate also the character movements.

    The song I used is "Bratja" (see below for the lyrics) by Michiru Oshima and BEPA. Fans of the series Full Metal Alchemist might immediately recognise this song for it plays in it, as well as the wordless version as part of the soundtrack. The song itself was in context of the two brothers Ed and Al, and of the struggles they themselves went through, so in that regard, I found that this song and the concept I was trying to achieve with Naruto and Sasuke melded in quite well. The chink in my concept though was that in the song, references were made to Elric brothers mothers, which I just conveniently ignored and labeled artistic initiative :D

    "Brat'ya" - from Animesuki Forum (PM me for the cyrillic version)
    Prosti menya, mladshiy brat!
    Ya tak pred toboy vinovat.
    Pyitatsya vernut' nyelzya
    Togo, chto vzyala zyemlya.

    Kto znayet zakon Byitiya,
    Pomog byi mne nayti otvet.
    Zhestoko oshibsya ya;
    Ot smerti lekarstva nyet.

    Milaya mama! Nyezhnaya!
    Myi tak lyubili tebya.
    No vse nashi silyi
    Potrachenyi byili zrya.

    Tebya soblaznil ya
    Prekrasnoy nadezhdoy
    Vernut' nash semeynyiy ochag.
    Moy brat, ya vo vsem vinovat.

    Nye plach', nye pechal'sya, starshiy brat!
    Nye tyi odin vinovat.
    Doroga u nas odna,
    Iskupim vinu do dna.

    Mnye nye v chem tebya upreknut'.
    I ya nye obihen nichut'.
    Tyazhek, nash gryekh
    Khotet' byit' silneye vsekh.

    Milaya mama! Nyezhnaya!
    Myi tak lyubili tebya.
    No vse nashi silyi
    Potrachenyi byili zrya.

    Ya sam soblaznilsya
    Prekprasnoy nadezhdoy
    Vernut' nash semeinyiy ochag.
    Ya sam vo vsem vinovat.

    No chto zhe nam delat', kak byit'?
    Kak vse ispravit', zyabyit'?
    Pyitat'sya vernut' nyel'zhya,
    Togo, chto vzyala zyemlya.

    "Brother" - English version (translation from Animesuki forum)
    Forgive me, younger brother
    I am to be blamed
    It is impossible to return
    that, which has been taken by earth

    One that knows the law
    would help me find the answer.
    I made a terrible mistake,
    there is no cure for death.

    Dear Mother! So Soft! (soft as in loving)
    We loved you so much.
    But all our powers
    were spent in vain.

    I intrigued you
    With the perfect hope
    To return our family
    My brother, the blame is all mine.

    Don't cry, don't despair, older brother
    You are not the only one to blame
    We both have one road
    Lets bury the blame to the depth (meaning lets forget whos fault it was)

    I can't blame you for anything,
    And I hold no hard feelings. (as in Im not mad at you)
    Heavy is our cause
    The desire to be stronger than all

    Dear Mother! So Soft!
    We loved you so much.
    But all our powers
    were spent in vain.

    I was intrigued myself
    with the wonderful hope
    to return our family.
    I am the one to blame.

    So what do we do now?
    How do we correct and forget?
    When you can't return
    That, which was been taken by earth.


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