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  • Member: Scoob
  • Studio: ScoobsNet Studios
  • Title: You Wish
  • Premiered: 2005-06-07
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  • Song:
    • The Pussycat Dolls Don't Cha
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  • Comments: If you are looking for a serious SaiKano video then do not look at this video.

    This is a video I made for fun and decided not to make it a serious video.

    Theres really nothing special about it but I'm glad to say that the visual quality should be better than my other SaiKano videos since now I can rip my dvds because I got a dvd drive for my computer.

    I don't consider this even close to my best work but I did only make it for fun. It's an idea that just wouldn't leave me alone so I made it and now it should. If you want to see some of my better work then look at my other videos mainly the 4 I made before this one.

    I used the cleaner version of this song so it's been censored.

    This video is not really much of a spoiler since I only used the first four episodes. If you've seen the first four episodes then you are ok

    It's about the lust between Fuyumi and Shuji. It shows the momments Shuji and Fuyumi are together but mainly how easy she can be.

    I also now saved my video as an avi file since I kept on getting complaints about my vids being good but I should save them as avi files. I'm still learning how to compress but at least it wasn't over 80mbs.

    The codec I used was Xvid so please make sure to have the Xvid codec.

    I hope you enjoy it at least a little and feel free to leave an op if you want.

    Oh yeah just in case you have a slow connection and don't want to download something so big that you might think isn't that good READ THIS before you download. I know you'll just love it or be happy you read it before you downloaded it. lol

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