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  • Member: Unlimited Rice
  • Studio: Hollow Xile Films
  • Title: Walking in Dreams
  • Premiered: 2005-06-07
  • Categories:
  • Song:
    • Greenday Boulevard of Broken Dreams
  • Anime:
  • Comments: alright, new video.

    Well let's see.. Rurouni Kenshin OVAs to this song? overused? oh well..

    2 reasons I made this video.

    1. bored.. might as well make something for Metrocon(though I decided not to send it b/c it sucked at the time)
    2. Someone told me he wanted me to use this song in October, but I hadn't heard the song until March this year, which then I thought the song was pretty cool..

    anyways.. well.. this one took me a couple days to make, but then I decided to spend a couple more days just to fix it up..and well.. here it is...

    Walk alone.... who walks alone? Kenshin does.. too bad he doesn't do enough walking alone, b/c I couldn't get enough good "walking alone" scenes...

    Broken dreams... who has broken dreams? it's not just about kenshin i guess

    Editing Stuff:
    Transitions... what video wouldn't have these?
    Zoom... yeah, got some slow zooming in certain areas to give it a better feel, imo.
    Piano keys?? ... yep...

    Camera shaking... I've always wanted to try this.. and well. the ending was good enough for me to use.. you'd notice that sometimes I didn't make the scene shake where you'd expect there to be shaking b/c of the song patterns.. but... I tried to get a feeling in the end of the video taht didn't need camera shaking the whole time.. sometimes, i just let the scene go b/c it's more calm&dramatic scene.. but I let camera shakes around actiony/intense&dramatic scenes..
    The ending was just some run through of some 'broken dreams' or something like that.. and not necessarily about just kenshin..but the few that he meet..

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