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  • Member: Castor Troy
  • Title: Adult Swim Variation Intro
  • Premiered: 2002-04-15
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    • Adult Swim Intro Theme
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  • Comments: Video #48

    I wanted to do another Toonami-type trailer. I was gonna do them to EVA, Macross, etc... but never got around to them. So I was browsing a few Adult Swim sites and found one that had all the movies.

    I downloaded the Adult Swim intro, watched it over and over a couple of times and decided....

    Let's make a video!

    I grabbed a few random DVDs off my shelf and started capturing right away. It only took me 2 hours to finish the thing.

    It's basically the Adult Swim Intro with different anime. I really like the Digi Charat and Macross Plus clips I used. It was pretty simple to make since I had to do half second cuts timed to the small fast beats. It's a short, fast, and fun video. Nothing too groundbreaking or spectacular. Some of these animes are a few of my personal recommendations for future Adult Swim programming (I doubt Macross Plus would make it due to it being shown on Action channel and Kenshin OVAs are.... a bit gory...) EVA, Digi Charat (I heard RUMORS this may come to cartoon network), and Trigun (Was turned down by CN but maybe they'll pick it up in the future) would probably be the ones to make it.

    The Adult Swim Intro moves helluva lot faster than the Toonami ones so this was good practice that introduced me to editing fast cuts. I really wanna do another video like this in the future.

    I really wanted to add Flame of Recca and Slayers to this but I could barely remember Slayers for the life of me and my Flame of Recca tapes weren't in such great quality.

    Thanks to Mirai MM for hosting this.

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