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  • Member: Devolution
  • Studio: Existentialism
  • Title: Chobits - Better Than The Rest
  • Premiered: 2002-09-28
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  • Song:
    • Bush Machine Head
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  • Comments: ok, this was my 4th video ever finished, so it's not as good as something i've made recently(S2Powered and Alert!). it was actually finished for AWA8 and actually premiered there in the Expo contest, but i wanted to do something else at the end of it, to make it look better, but i can't remember now what i wanted to do :p and it looks good like this to me anyway, so here it is!

    enjoy : )

    just to repeat, this is my 4TH VIDEO, not a new one.


    ok, this video is FINALLY getting worked on. After a month of not working on it, i got some more eps of Chobits to use(i have 10 now instead of the measely 3). i just finished re-encoding the footage for use in Premiere and i'll be getting some work done on it this week(i only have this week to finish it). i don't care what the song is REALLY about, it was just the first song that came to mind when i decided i wanted to do a Chobits video....


    Ok....after 3 months of work, this video is FINALLY close to being done....i have a preview of 99% of the video if anyone wants to see it(find me on AIM under the name DevolutionEX and ask for the True Beta). There are only a few more things that i need to change, like the timing on the last 4 scenes and set up some transparencies for the last 30secs as well. The video is basically done, and it's my best work so far. It also has a higher quality than any of my other videos(it's the first one that i encoded to MPEG). Hope you folks enjoy this when it's finished :)

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