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  • Member: Taruto!
  • Title: 'Angel HOLDER'
  • Premiered: 2005-05-31
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    • Sarah McLachlan Angel (Soft Drum Mix)
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  • Comments: Title: 'ANGEL HOLDER'
    Series: Steel Angel Kurumi ZERO
    Song: Angel [Soft Drum Mix] by Sarah McLachlan (custom shortened version)
    Spoilers: All episodes

    !!Warning!! This video is made up of small amounts of animated footage, various repeated stills and a lot of black space.

    This video also contains hints of SUICIDE and DEPRESSION. If you don't enjoy videos of such a nature, please think before you flame!

    This is another video that was a completely random idea: I hadn't even heard the song until I finished watching the series itself on the 29th May, 2005.

    The series itself is 3 episodes long and is a sort of prequel to the main Steel Angel Kurumi series which is set in the future, where the 3 main Steel Angels live with Exelia, another mysterious Steel Angel (which I thought had only been in the manga until I saw a scan from a magazine).

    Steel Angel Kurumi ZERO is one few anime series that I was dying to watch. I'd heard it was awful, it was okay, or it was a masterpiece, depending on various opinions elsewhere. I'd been craving it for a long time and eventually, after searching for what seemed like months, my sister managed to get me a copy of the Japanese "DVD Singles Collection" of ZERO, so I was free to make my own judgement on the series.
    My opinion? I don't know. I've got mixed feelings. At times it's hard to think of it as anything but beautiful, but sometimes it's nearing mediocre. But this series is one I'll definately keep with me for a very long time.

    The video concept was easy: the song was just so fitting. I searched "Angel" in WinMX as a potluck theme and this song came up, I downloaded it and listened to it for a while. I didn't know what to think but it stuck until the morning. However, since the song is over 4 minutes and the series itself lasts for around 40 minutes, I wasn't willing to work with such a small and slowly-paced series for that long without risking serious repetition - so I cut it after around 2 minutes, just past the end of the first chorus.

    I tried to make it seem like Exelia was telling Kurumi the story behind the song, I guess. I've currently got a load of thoughts buzzing around my head right now as to what actually went on behind the story in SAKZERO, and I guess it was the easiest way to make the video effective. ^_^

    The video itself is in three main sections: Kurumi, Exelia, Kurumi. At the start the focus is on Kurumi and how the other characters work with her through "depression". From there, it leads to the reason as to why Exelia is doubtful over Kurumi's obsession with Michihito. Finally, the last section shows the truth behind the Angel Heart and then ends with a scene from after the credits of the last episode where Kurumi is hugging her new "Master", Nakahito.

    I tried to tell the story though this, but I've no idea if I succeeded. ^_^;

    The line which caught me and wound me into making this video was definately "memories seep from my veins" (0:49-0:50). So, all around that point, I made the video focus on Exelia and how she wants to protect Kurumi from experience more than anything.

    I liked the idea of leaving this video simple and linking it to the music more than anything: choosing scenes which reminded me of the points in the song, and matching the stills to the beats in the song. I think it turned out well for what I was hoping to achieve, especially at the points 0:49-0:50 (memories seep from my veins) and 1:02-1:04 (I'll find some peace tonight) - those scenes were the first clips that weredifferent from the rest of the video, and I think they emphasized the song as well as the clips compared to the rest of the video alone.

    I tried to "lighten the video" after the first minute or so by using longer and brighter scenes, even though past the first minute the song becomes a little more depressing and comforting. I like the way it all mixed from one section to the next, I think it gives the video "character". ^_^

    Video/Audio Notes:
    The footage was taken from the DVD Single Collection of ZERO, ripped by DVD Decrypter at full quality and then converted at a 384x272 resolution at 29.97fps in the program "DVD2AVI". At first I tried DVD2DivX and Magic DVD Ripper, but both provided low quality footage at both a small and a high resolution, so this was the only way to gain vaguely decent footage.

    Audio came from a 128kbps MP3. Not the best, but it's quite a quiet song so there's not too much disturbance or anything when you're listening to it. ^_^

    Completion Log:
    30th May 2005 - Started work by ripping footage, preparing audio and writing a basic plan. Got approx. 50% of the video complete after spending around 7 hours working on and off.

    31st May 2005 - Completed the video at 100% and made opening and ending screens. Took approx 3 hours straight working.

    Software Used:
    - DVD Decrypter - ripping the footage
    - DVD2AVI - encoding the footage
    - TMPGEnc - re-encoding the footage as .mpg files
    - Audacity - Clipping and re-encoding the song as a .wav file
    - Adobe Photoshop 7.0 - title & ending screens
    - Adobe Premiere 6.5 - all other editing and working, including b&w scenes.

    To play this video, you'll need DivX. If there are any problems (even if you have the encoder installed), please let me know in any way possible, and I'll try to fix it for you!

    Thanks to:
    You, the viewer, for watching! If you like/hate/want to give comments on my video, please leave a review to let me know!

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