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  • Member: DanPersons
  • Title: Mamimi
  • Premiered: 2005-05-29
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    • They Might be Giants Museum of Idiots
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  • Comments: It's not surprising that there are quite a few AMVs out there that link FLCL up with They Might Be Giants. The series and band are spiritual cousins, both in the antic way they approach exploring the complexities of life, and in their infectuous catchiness. I'm just surprised nobody thought to equate this cut from TMBG's most recent adult-oriented album with the character in FLCL whose emotional voyage rather precisely, and spookily mirrors the song's lyrics.

    This is my first AMV, and my first music video since I toyed with the form in days when merely getting the cuts to synch with the music could be considered a major achievement. It's gratifying the ease with which everything snaps together now. It also raises the bar -- content has come to supercede technique, which is the way it really should be. I hope I've managed to meet that challenge at least halfway. Technically speaking, in hindsight I probably should've explored working some animation into the travelling matte of Mamimi over the town, but that probably would've added half a day to a full day to the project, and I really couldn't spare the time.

    In any case, this was a gas to put together, and I hope that at the very least the finished product entertains.

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