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  • Member: NPC3000
  • Studio: Spaceboat Studios
  • Title: Nugget
  • Premiered: 2002-05-07
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    • Cake Nugget
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  • Comments: Ahhhh my second project. I used Furi Kuri this time and when I got started I was looking for traces of whacky randomness in a song to fit the anime. I came to Nugget easily.

    "Heads of state who ride and wrangle! Who look at your face from more than one angle..."

    For the lyrics, I either lip-synched them to Haruko or copied what I heard in the song, sometimes in clever ways. While I have come to realize that Nugget is in fact about something, and that I didn't fully try to capture that something in my AMV, the very act of mimicking the lyrics keeps it in synch with one of Cake's quirkiest (and in my opinion, one of their best) songs.

    This is a pretty big reach from my first AMV, Lord of the Butterflies in many ways. First of all, it's many many times funnier, weirder and less serious, being Furi Kuri. Second, I've spent a LOT more time on it (about six weeks) so it's much more complex and simply has more stuff!

    You will also probably notice that it gets more complex and detailed as it moves on. This is evident of my prolonging experience with premier, that's one of the qualities that I like best!

    As for mistakes, well there's one subtitle at 1:22 that I was unable to take out. It was too high to crop and there was too much movement to overlap it. I decided not to give it much worry because it kind of fit into the vid. The teacher says "oh no" with an overlapped image of Haruko peering at the insides of her moped. Right after Haruko appears on top of her moped, riding it in crazy ways. It kind of suggests the line: "Oh no! it's Haruko!!!"

    That said, I worked pretty darn hard on this one and I hope you enjoy it!


    P.S. On the first line of lyrics, after the first 32 seconds, a single image of Haruko just talks through the entire first run of the line(my first crack at lip synching and it went on for 10 seconds, DAMN that was hard!). You're welcome to criticize it but I'm not going to change my mind about keeping it that way! It's supposed to get your attention and make you say "WHA!?"

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