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  • Member: Neiru
  • Title: VERSUS (Renji, Zaraki, Byakuya)
  • Premiered: 2005-05-25
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    • The Union Underground Turn Me on Mr Dead Man
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Although Bleach is also an anime, this is a music video set to the MANGA. I would love to have made it off the anime, but the anime was far behind the manga and the things going on in the manga were too cool to wait that long to make a video of. For this reason, there may be some SPOILERS for those who only seen the anime, but most of the shots in the video are so remixed and pass by so fast that few would be able to piece together anything that would significantly hinder your enjoyment of the anime. If anything, it is a preview of how awesome the anime is going to get once it reaches those parts, and also a promotion of how great the manga is. I tried my best to give the manga stills the illusion of motion, and I the result is far more convincing than I originally imagined. Hope you enjoy it!

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