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  • Member: supersayian313
  • Studio: supersayian313 studios
  • Title: "The Walking Dead" (Hiei's Past) AMV 16
  • Premiered: 2005-05-23
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    • Chester Bennington of Linkin Park The Walking Dead
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  • Comments: "The Walking Dead" AMV 16

    This is my"Hiei" character profile. its a video about his past. In the series, they never really talk about hiei's past, other than when he met kurama. untill 3 Kings Saga. i used this for my source footage. i added some audio clips from the show and used parts of two songs. i've had this idea for months so i finally finished it.

    Quick Comments For: "The Walking Dead" (Hiei's Past) AMV 16

    2006-02-20 06:29:05 i was thinking about using that song for something- liked the amv - very good

    2006-02-18 21:07:53 I love the mix of dramatic soundclips from the series and blending it with appropriate moments in the song and the show, keep up the work. this video is fantastic.

    2006-02-17 18:09:55 This is on of the best videos i've seen since Breaking the habit.

    2005-12-01 01:25:50 Interesting mix of Anime/song/and voice over. Well edited, song coulda been louder (Sounds muffled). Unfortunatly its a bit forgetable but I'm still keeping it. ~V

    2005-11-24 13:00:13 Could have been higher quality, and I didn't much like the voice overs

    2005-11-13 17:51:10 Hiei is awsome... ^^

    2005-11-11 14:04:19I like the voiceovers - done really well

    2005-11-10 15:30:57 it was good but due to my own personal thoughts against the dub i have to say i didn't like it much but the general composition of the AMV was great so good job and keep it up
    2005-09-19 18:02:12 not bad

    2005-09-14 21:30:28 OMG I finally heard Chester Bennington's solo song!...But I also loved the video and the way you mixed in the sound bytes. Good stuff lol.

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