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  • Member: UberWeasal
  • Studio: Pocket Poole Productions
  • Title: A.H.A.B. - Anime Health Advisory Board
  • Premiered: 2005-05-24
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    • Blast Everybody Loves the Blues
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  • Comments: Anime Health Advisory Board - AHAB

    Public Service Broadcast

    As a international push to better the lives of other people, a break-through in logic has arose. Anime, a Japanese style of animation, has been found to produce powerful meloning agents that make you happier as a human being. At this moment this is belived to happen because people are either glad not to be in the main charater(s) situation, or in many, if not all... vise versa. We hope you partake in veiwing this short clip, that o so well descripes why you should watch anime. if not already, take more pride in it. With the efforts of AHAB, Conglomo Co., and local AMV maker P3 Studios athis short but entertaining clip will enlighten you to a path of better wellness.
    Thank You & Enjoy.

    Duration: 1min 40 secs
    Size: 14.7 MBs

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