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  • Member: dbz_doomrider
  • Title: Name of The Game (Enter Goku)
  • Premiered: 2002-03-30
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    • Crystal Method THE NAME OF THE GAME
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  • Comments: This is my first video that I worked on, that I released to the public, yet it certainly will always be my pride and joy, no matter the quality. I had to say that before I got started. 2 months was how long this video took to create, and I worked about 3 hours a day at a time, to try and get the most out of this video. Though sometmies more.....

    The video, first of all, is a very interesting video, about the fighting techniques, and the unique style that only Goku can give us from an anime such as Dragon Ball Z. But, unlike other Goku videos, I also decided that his son, Gohan, and even his father, Bardock, should also have their own significant parts in this video, to reflect everything possible about Goku (accept his eating habits...). This means that the fighting abilities, powerups, special techniques, of his son and father are stuck in the video in their own special places.

    The video is quite fast paced, with enough timing to make a clock go crazy, and as much lip syncing as possible. My transitions are rather abundant throughout the video, and on occassion, even unnecessary. On one partciular lipsync, I did not yet know how to get rid of subtitles, and so it remains there in the video, for comic relief. I did not repeat scenes, unless for timing reasons, but I did repeat the SSJ3 transformation, which I will now focus on. Goku's transformation to super saiyan 3 deserves alot of recognition, as it not only looks cool, but it is the final stage in Goku's power(I HATE GT, AND SO I DO NOT BELIEVE IN SUPER SAIYAN LEVEL 4.). Alot of emotion goes into this powerup as well, which is why I put it in the middle of the video. First, the video shows Goku in super saiyan level 1, then 2, then flashbacks of his father, and the king of his race. but as it shows these two levels and flashbacks, Goku proclaims that "This is to go even further beyond!", which not only finishes off Goku's beginning part of the video, but then goes "even further beyond", and introduces Gohan to the picture. During the super saiyan 3 poweurp, with the real english voice and music playing, I creatively changed the footage of the transformation, to summarize it, and make it look very powerful, adding my own twist to the transformation. Once the super saiyan 3 transformation finishes, the audience then sees Goku fade away, signaling his disappearance from the song for a while, and showing his family and friends at the same time.

    Enough ramble about that though. That summarizes the video. Basically, I want people to look for EVERYTHING in the video, no particular part. Bardock gets the best entry out of anyone though, so you should watch for that :).

    To make the music video, I used full episode .avi's, which I d/led, so the quality is a little lower then "eye candy".....and I'll even admit that I stole tiny one second clips from other music videos which happened to have the right footage, though that accounts for a very minute amount of the footage in this vid. I used adobe premiere 6.0 as my editing program, and then exported my final video as a .wmv (though the video is now available in .avi format, and most regretfully, .rm format).
    Hopefully, this video will be enjoyable, and very entertaining, that's my goal for my introduction to my music video creating. I just want people to get an idea of what I can do at the moment, and to know I certainly can (and will) progress far beyond this video eventually.

    Currently, this video is in a contest at If my video wins, it will get free hosting: every vote counts! Please go and download my video there.

    I have been selected by as one of the lucky people to qualify for free hosting!
    Hence, my video IS available for direct download right now ^_^.......however only the crappy .rm version of it....ack. If you are at all interested in seeing a better quality .avi version of this video, then please contact me via aim, my screenname is dbz66321. Later!

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