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  • Members: Kitsuner, inthesto
  • Studio: Icon Tsiyur Videos
  • Title: Molly
  • Premiered: 2005-09-14
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  • Song:
    • Tenacious D One Note Song
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Alternate Title: The One-Frame Video


    This is not a tribute to the greatest anything in the world. This isn't a music video like you're used to at all. This is... the "One-Frame Video"!

    This is seriously the best video you could ever see. Definitely Video of the Year material. Watch it as much as you can. You'll all love it, I'm sure!

    This video was encoded with the Lagarith codec. If you do not have it, it is available as part of the AMVApp, which can be downloaded here.

    Here're the lyrics:

    KG: Jack

    JB: yeah

    KG: do you think some people
    do you think that there's some people
    that arent really
    that are actually robots
    living among us


    KG:that we cant tell

    JB:No we dont have the technology yet
    but rage




    JB:you know what I was thinking?
    stop playing
    I was thinking of a fucking brilliant song


    JB:check it out.
    just do what I do


    JB:just play this note
    and then we both keep playing
    just keep both playnig that note
    every once in a while bend it
    an' that's it
    and just remember who wrote that song
    me baby me
    see its fucking simple
    thats one song in the bank
    next song

    KG:is uh

    JB:next song

    KG:how can

    JB:next song


    JB:next song

    KG:but its only one note

    JB: NEXT!!

    KG: anybody could have wrote it
    anybody could have done it
    its one song its one note

    JB:but guess who did write it Me

    KG:yeah but did you did you write the...

    JB:dude I did
    I told you to do the bendy every once in a while

    KG:oh yeah you did

    JB:woohoo I win


    JB:I win
    one to nothin


    Final Score

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    Thanks to godix for betatesting.

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