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  • Member: ashiteruSweetSurrender
  • Studio: Matchmaker STUDIOS
  • Title: El Tango del Corazón
  • Premiered: 2005-05-27
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    • Moulin Rouge Soundtrack El Tango De Roxanne
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  • Comments: El Tango del Corazón
    "Tango of the Heart"
    (El Tango de Hitomi)
    Est. time in the making: 3 1/2 months

    Summary: This video was resting on my mind for quite some time and eventually I just had to give into it. The story of this amv is centered around the fight over Hitomi between Van and Allen. It may actually come off like Allen is some horrible thing only because well, I'm for Van. Plus the Duke in the movie Moulin Rouge isn't the nicest of guys anyway and... that's who Allen's part is after. Most of all I wanted this video to tell a story, overall the story of Escaflowne from beginning to end within the conflict of AllenXHitomiXVan. This video is the first video that I've really stretched the limits of WMM2 with creating my own effects and figuring out more than I knew, I realized how much easier it was to edit with this program than most.^^

    Lip Syncing: After creating about half of this AMV I came across someone who had the same idea and I read the opinions she received after watching and reviewing for myself. The issue came up that many of the people who saw her vid commented on how it would have been soo much better if only Van had lipsynced to Ewan's part, well, that was what I already had in mind and I love it, I think Ewan's voice fits good with bisshy Van.^^ They also talked about how they didn't know what was going on half the time... another reason why I took the "telling of the story" attempt of doing the vid.

    Digital Effects: I did create and download my own effects and such with WMM2 but, I'll admit there are somethings that WMM2 can't do... and that's overlaps. So, I went over to CrescentTearDrop's house and messed around on her program on certain spots where I had already planned what I wanted, and that's how "His lip's caress your skin" was done.

    Thank you's go to:
    and my good friend, kajin_phoenixlord : Thank you for all your help and support... I couldn't have done it without you... ^^.

    Last Note: my quality sucks... i know almost as bad as Love of a Small Maiden... maybe worse i'm really sorry and i promise you as soon as I raise enough money i'm gonna have the stuff I need to remaster this vid i've worked soo hard at perfecting.:)

    THIS VIDEO WAS DONE ENTIRELY WITH WMM2 : Just thought you'd like to know since I did everything in my power to make this an awesome vid despite the program's lack. I hope this video proves that WMM is not completely worthless... it irks me when ppl say that... :-(

    I hope you enjoy!!!

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