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  • Member: TheJadeArcAngel
  • Title: Itty Bitty Inverse
  • Premiered: 2005-01-06
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  • Song:
    • Alan Jackson Little Bitty
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  • Comments: XD This was inspired by a drive home from visiting my girlfriend when my friend ( who listend to country music on the's going out of style ^.^ ) switched it to a song that I spent about 20 seconds or so listening to before I shouted 'LINA!' and thus, this video was inspired.

    It would be months latter until I actually MADE it ^_^'''. Anywho, here for your comical-viewing pleasure is my tribute to Lina Inverse which has been shown to Cynthia Martinez (sp?) the english VA for ADV's Slayers films. She loved it and asked for a copy so I suppose it's now also dedicated to her ( shes also short ^_^ heehee! )

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