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  • Member: [Mike of the Desert]
  • Title: Castitatis Lilium
  • Premiered: 2005-05-17
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    • Kumiko Noma Lilium
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  • Comments: Concept
    The concept of this AnimeMusicVideos is really simple, and came me to mind exactly after the end of the view of this wonderful Anime Serie, create an opening, an intro to this anime.. I immediately started to work, my idea was to not put a single minimun spoiler of the serie, leaving the viewer curios to see more deeply this anime.. To understand the cryptic pictures that have seen in this Amv.. This was my objective, create an intro to the anime (not an opening), to make more people get curios from it, with the idea of see it.. So, some kind of publicity we can say. But I found it something more deep especially because of the anime we are talking about.. In this video there are absolutely 0 spoilers, something harsh to do with a serie of 13 episodes! ;) So, this is basically my concept, and the way I wanted to do my video.

    Planning and Editing
    Before start the video, I decided to stop for a really, really long while to work on Naruto, so I worked really hard finding something that would have captured my attention.. (and I'm still searching, watching a lot of animes thanks to Hinatasan) And Elfen Lied done it better than what I could have dreamed.. Anyway: I tried with all my strenght to capture the viewer, (and I had a great help from Rakuen who I want to thanks a lot.), to make this video cryptic and misterious.. I didn't used a lot of effects but they are anyway in the video, most of them are simple blurs and after-works on colours. The final video it is not exactly how I thought it in the beginning but I am anyway soddisfied with the result.=) This video is basically different from my others, I like it a lot, but probably I completely suck. ;) It is a short video, 1:30, I didn't worked on it months, but I putted a great amount of effort in it. Anyway, how all this crazy idea is turned out, it is mostly on your judgement! And I really hope to hear any comment from you, harsly bad or euphoricly good! I would really like to know what you people think about this :P

    Warning: There is a little amount of nudity and blood in the video, but not any type of gore

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