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  • Member: Songbird21
  • Studio: QuickSilver Studios
  • Title: Red Star
  • Premiered: 2005-05-14
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    • Clint Mansell Requiem for a Dream
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  • Comments: Warning!! If you haven't seen up to the end of episode 15 this vid contains MAJOR SPOILERS!!!

    THE SONG: I love this song. It's so epic, dramatic and powerful. What you'll be hearing is my own personal remix. I used 3 differant versions of the song to create this one.

    THE STORY: Ummm. Don't wanna give away too much. I made this vid because this is a fanatastic series (Call it a magical girl series and I'll hurt you badly. //Joke). It's a story that's got awsome battles, heart wrenching drama and girls who fight with powers and you actually get to see the action! This is a great series and if you haven't seen it you must give it a chance. (Warning: There's some fanservicey type stuff in the first few eps, but don't let that throw you off. It all but dissapears fairly quickly.)

    EFFECTS: Not much. This is one where the footage spoke for itself very well and didn't need much help. My pulse effect is in there though.

    LIP SYNCH: None. Absolutely none.

    THE VID: I don't think I've ever done a vid in such a short span of time. I finished this in just one week. Don't worry though, it's still as good as what I usually produce. One day I edited for nearly 15 hours straight. (Thought the Otakon deadline was a lot closer than it is *Sweatdrop*)

    I hope you guys enjoy this vid. I really wanna get more people into the series. And please review. Even if the review is short, it still makes me happy. And I always reply when someone reviews my vids (Even if it takes a while sometimes). Sometimes you might even get a review in return. :)

    Ja ne,

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