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  • Member: Vancore
  • Studio: Vancore Studios
  • Title: The Real Keyser Soze
  • Premiered: 2005-05-13
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    • The Usual Suspects (Trailer) Trailer Audio
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  • Comments: "KEYSER SOZE!!" says the big man in the round glasses loudly to the terrorfied man he's holding shoving him into his face to emphisise the importance of the name. If that moment doesn't grip you I've probably lost the point of this video on you, but don't worry about it. =P

    Basically its that very moment that made me do this video, its also a great quote to say in very large open spaces if I do say so myself but thats getting beside the point. Just the very idea of making a big point about the name brings a certain amount of cheesyniss to the Trailer even though the mood is so very dark and serious. Its sorta funny in a way that my mom thought it was, its sort of serious in a way my photoshop teacher thought it was, I thought it was a great combo of both and I loved the idea.

    If anyone has seen "The Usual Suspects" or "Monster" they should enjoy the relationship between the two shows. Both are crime stories, both are set in the modern period, and both have villians that have names which make them seem evil as hell but are really the least person you would expect to see as a villain. That last one in particular decided the way I was going to go with this video (As to who Dr.Tenma and Johan Liebert would be representing for the trailer), I'm glad I decided to go the route I did. The simalarites between these two villians was almost impossible to resist.. so I didn't and made the video based on that =D

    There's really not much more to say but that I had to make some changes to the video itself so to better present it to everyone. When I first saw it up on the big screen in Acen2005 my first thought was "Man thats dark" and then "argh the audio's offsynch"... to tell the turth thats pretty much what every showing has made me do =P but I hope I've kinda solved this problem... at least for the computer side of things. I guess I have to blame the footage itself for some reasons I'll keep to myself but I will say color correction does a good job at improving greyish type footage.

    Anyway, if you happened to be at a certain showing at Acen 2005 and heard someone mumble "Its Keyser Soze!!" under there breath but loud enough to be heard that was probably me. I'm telling you, it was no coincidence that the contest computer had to reboot after my vid, but before you think me the fool at shoo me off as a wacko remember my stern warning.. cause I'm Trying To Tell You.. It Was KEYSER SOZE!!!

    Beware, and enjoy the vid =)

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