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  • Members: Verses, Kumori Shinpi
  • Studio: K & K Studios
  • Title: Ace of Conflict
  • Premiered: 2005-05-11
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  • Song:
    • Velvet Revolver Sucker train blue
  • Anime:
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    Small Discription:
    Our 10th video to date; Where to begin with the creation of this video. This video has taken by far the longest of any of our videos to create from the simple fact that we COMPLETELY ran out of footage at one point. This made things very complicated, and a little dispiriting, to edit, but we pressed on never the less, and as an end result, we can say its quite all right.


    This video is solely an action vid by heart, though it does contain a slight, somewhat imperceptible, romantic scene with a solemn pilot and an island native inhabitant. To further understand whats going on in the vid, you must have to at least seen some portions of the anime series; This is why its an action flick for the most part. We hope you enjoy it more than all the trouble we put into it. ^_^

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