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  • Member: chambeyc
  • Title: Appleseed: our new battlefield
  • Premiered: 2005-05-11
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    • Fifth Element Diva Medly Diva Opera
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  • Comments: Hi everybody !

    Here comes my third video! After about 6 months without editing, i had some trouble to remember how to use Premiere...^^'
    My crazy brain found the idea of this video original and makeable : Use the song of the 5th Elements's diva, (the one when Leeloo kicks the bad guys' ass) and found a good anime to fit with...
    So I start to think (it happens even to me .... sometimes) "How to choose the right anime to use? and what anime i like enough to make an AMV with it?"..... mmmhh ....A beautiful fighting woman .... A Sci-Fi near-future world ........ Appleseed, obviously...
    There is no complex scenario or Lip sync, as the music has no lyrics. It's a purely action vid with video following the flow of the music. By the way, i didn't expect that the editing part would be so difficult on this music (a lot of beats and the rythm is sometimes hard to follow). Next time, I will probably not choose a instrumental-only soundtrack...

    I would say this is enjoyable vid!
    Feedbacks are really welcome, even rude ones...

    And here is the technical part :
    Video : 592*320 24Frames/sec.
    Xvid Twopass - (high Bitrate&Quality)
    Audio : Mp3 256Kb 48000kHz



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