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  • Member: Borihiei
  • Title: Key of Time
  • Premiered: 2004-04-09
  • Categories:
  • Song:
    • t.A.T.u. 30 minutes
  • Anime:
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  • Comments: Anime Boston 2004 Finalist
    Winner AWA 10 Expo "Best Artistic Endeavor"

    A lot of things went into making this video. I wanted to test my ability to lip-synch a little...ok a lot. I had watched Key and the final scene of the anime left me mesmerized. With all this in mind, I just needed a song. A friend lent me the t.A.T.u. cd and when the song 30 Minute hit, something clicked. “Hey, it reminds me of the final scene in Key”. So, the journey into lip-synch began. I played with the scene for so long that the rest began to grow on me. This was a video that was anything but conventional. It was going to be weird no matter what, but the feel of the anime, the essence, the mood, that’s what I wanted to capture. It is a personal favorite.

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