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  • Member: Full Metal Sempai
  • Title: Everybody wishes
  • Premiered: 2005-05-10
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    • Incubus Wish You Were Here
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  • Comments: Ok,this is my last GTO music video.I don't intend to make another.

    It's my answer to RealYoshi who asked a dramatic GTO music video.

    Title:Everybody Wishes/Precious Onizuka (choose the best of them!!)

    I tried my best to make a GTO mv different from the majority of others which are mostly based in comedy or action scenes with Onizuka.
    So,this is a SERIOUS music video and covers almost all the basic characters.There are only 2-3 funny shots of Onizuka(because they match the lyrics!!!).

    Well,this mv is basically about wishes and is split in 2 parts.
    The 1st part is this of lyrics,which shows us mostly shots of Onizuka,alternated with other rare scenes.
    The 2nd part is this of chorus,which shows what each of the characters wishes for.Here is the full list:

    Nanako: wishes for someone to break the wall between the rooms of her father and mother(Onizuka takes responsibility for this)

    Kunio: wishes that her mother wasn't doing ecchi things with Onizuka
    wishes that Onizuka saved him from gangsters

    Kujikawara: wishes Kunio were here for her

    Urumi: wishes Fujimori-sensei were by her side while falling
    loves Onizuka(ok,this is not a wish,but I wanted to tell it!!!!)

    Azusa: wishes Onizuka were here(because she loves him)

    Anko: wishes Noboru helped her
    loves Noboru(my second favorite couple from GTO-and in the manga it's even better)

    Tomoko: wishes for Miyabi to be happy while remembering thier past together

    Ok,enough with the wishes!!

    Concerning effects and transitions,I decided to use other than fades in from white,since some said that it's quite disturbing.I mostly played with the colors.
    I also used metacreations(thanks once again to for its effects and transitions).

    Don't forget the dedication at the end of the mv and the speech of Onizuka!!!
    Ja ne...

    ps:Really,I would like to hear some opinions about this mv,since it's different from the majority of my other works.Should I adopt this technique?

    ps 2:Sorry for the mistakes I made in the text!!!

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