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  • Member: Full Metal Sempai
  • Title: Carnival Gantz
  • Premiered: 2005-05-10
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    • Annihilator Carnival diablos
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  • Comments: Well,the idea for this music video came while I was reading Gantz manga!!!

    I was in the chapters with the dinosaurs and I was hearing this song,which fitted perfectly with the whole action of this marvelous manga.
    So I decided to make this amv,no matter how difficult it would be.

    Concerning the footage,it has the cut version of Gantz 1st stage.
    I really wanted to make a music video with both Gantz Stages and the uncut version(I got them from a friend) but unfortunately,the codecs of the uncut version weren't accepted by Movie Maker 2.

    Anyway,this is a review of all 11 episodes of Gantz 1st Stage.

    I used some new effects I downloaded for Movie Maker(thanks to Rehan),for example pan effects and zoom effects.
    The flashing effects are very little,although the music has a lot of beats.
    The transitions used are also more than those used in my last works.
    It's my first time making this type of editing to a music video,so it has some flaws.

    No subtitles except for 2 points where the lyrics match with the scenes(

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