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  • Member: *inverse*
  • Studio: ReVeRsEd Studios
  • Title: Illusury
  • Premiered: 2005-05-09
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  • Song:
    • Evanescence Where Will You Go
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  • Comments: This is an experimental video I made using manga scans from the Dragon Knight series. I no longer have the full-version, but there is a beta uploaded to my YouTube account.

    Programs Used
    - Paint Shop Pro 7
    - Video Explosion Deluxe 1.5
    - Camtasia (trial version)
    - TMPGEnc
    - Dragon Knights manga by Mineko Ohkami, volumes 4 to 19

    This isn't a slide-show of images, there are subtle video effects, lyrics, coloured borders and what not. But the overall result was...weird. And it's unlikely for someone to *get* this if they have not read the manga. So basically, if you're not a fan of the manga, this video may come across as a messy slide-show of sorts.

    This is the story I was going for:


    Rath a youkai "without a body", and is being used as a container for Nadil's soul. He does not realize this until Nadil himself says so. So throughout the series he has had a strong, uncontrollable will to die; even though he has a place within Dragon Tribe. His meeting with Cesia resulted in further character development (and angst to boot).

    This video is mainly told from Cesia's point of view on Rath. She told him "I will never let you die, and you'd better not fight me on this... go ahead and live life all you want."


    Youíre too important for anyone
    You play the role of all you long to be
    But I, I know who you really are
    Youíre the one who cries when youíre alone

    But where will you go
    With no one left to save you from yourself
    You canít escape
    You canít escape

    You think that I canít see right through your eyes
    Scared to death to face reality
    No one seems to hear your hidden cries
    Youíre left to face yourself alone


    I realize youíre afraid
    But you canít abandon everyone
    You canít escape
    You donít want to escape

    Iím so sick of speaking words that no one understands
    Is it clear enough that you canít live your whole life all alone
    I can hear you in a whisper
    But you canít even hear me screaming


    Here are the urls to a few screencaps:


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