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  • Member: KingDavid
  • Title: Goku v.s. Vegeta Remastered
  • Premiered: 2005-05-09
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    • Hoobastank Remember Me
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  • Comments: After quite a while now, here it is, a remake of the first Goku v.s. Vegeta music video I once did quite a while ago. This is now remastered, with better timing, quality, lip syncing, effects, and action all at once. This will truly bring out the hatred and fighting sequences between two of the most biggest rivals in anime. To anybody they will understand fully how Vegeta feels about Goku, and vice versa. Of course there has been many Goku versus Vegeta videos but they're all just random songs put with the clips. As I know of, there are only two great Vegeta and Goku videos that goes well with the song, mine including. But anyway, without further delay, here's one of the more better videos in my time. Enjoy it, and leave opinions.

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