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  • Member: donte_frazier
  • Studio: Uchiha Productions
  • Title: Forever Young
  • Premiered: 2005-05-04
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    • Symbol Forever Young
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  • Comments: Well, more than a year after my second video...My third video.

    After my first video, The Only One, and my second video, Sasuke's Tragedy, I received alot of great feedback. Afterwards, and even before my second video, I had a ton of ideas for my future videos, including a Yu Yu Hakusho video that I had started a few weeks before my second video had even premiered.

    So, why is my third video another Naruto video you ask? And why are the files for my Yu Yu Hakusho video STILL on my PC a year later?

    Well, good songs are often heard, and ideas often materialize. I had come to a standstill in my Yu Yu Hakusho video. I guess it could be called a video editor's block, and I still haven't come out of it.

    But, around November of 2004 I heard an incredible new song. "Forever Young" by this eurobeat group called Symbol. Apparently it was a song from the Initial D soundtrack. But, I didn't care about that. All I knew was that I HAD to use this song in a music video. But, what music video? Why not a video focusing on the lovable kid Ninjas of the hit anime Naruto? Afterall, even though they're basically hired assasins, they are still kids. And even though they are forced to grow up fast in a world filled with murder, pain, and violence, they'll still be Forever Young ;)

    Yeah, plus it's a fast song that requires a lot of action scenes. ;)

    So anyway, this video is the product of (off and on) about 6 months of my life. Please enjoy it. :)

    Oh, and a note of caution: This video contains spoilers up to episode 132 of the anime.

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    -Pentium 4 2.6 Ghz Processor
    -DVD Decryptor
    -Adobe Premiere Pro
    -Virtual DubAVS

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