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  • Member: Kalean
  • Studio: Twilight Dawn
  • Title: Rhythm
  • Premiered: 2001-08-02
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  • Song:
    • Linkin Park Cure for the Itch
  • Anime:
  • Comments: -In Summary: Dragonball Z at its MOST pointless-

    Software Used: Quicktime 4.0 Pro;Intel Indeo 5.04 codec (don't yell at me);Real Producer 8 Plus

    Well, this was my last Quicktime video ever created. I'd already moved on to Premiere before making this video, which had thus moved my skill level up a few notches from my earlier days. After my failure to beat out the other 9 finalists at Anime Expo 2001, my friend and I slapped this together one night while we were 'drunk' on Dr. Pepper. The result is a Dragonball Z video that goes against everything I stand for as a music video maker; No plot, No drama, and very little continuuity. But at the same time, that about sums up all of the Dragonball Z movies (except 13, but that's the exception to prove the rule.) Basically, the only merits this video has are it's exceptional (I was using quicktime for crying out loud, give credit where it's due ^^;; ) timing to *every* beat of the song, and it's all around goofiness, fitting for my last Dragonball Z video. And besides, everyone likes to watch Trunks bounce around like a pinball, after all, that's his dedicated role alone in all of the Dragonball Z movies. Since my friend's computer was used, and he has a 56k, he'd only send me the 150 kbps version I encoded specifically for the purpose of getting it to myself. This isn't a standout video quality video anyways, so just watch and enjoy. And if you don't like Dragonball Z.. watch it anyways.. you may find it funny.

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