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  • Member: punistation
  • Title: LAINstation
  • Premiered: 2002-03-31
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    • E Nomine Vater Unser (ErMaC remix)
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    These comments DO NOT contain spoilers. The music video DOES. If you don't mind spoilers for both the anime (maybe?) & the game, feel free to download.


    This was originally meant to be a romantic Lain/Alice AMV... but sadly, I'm only an amateur AMV creator, and a good AMV requires inspiration AND technical proficiency. Even worse, Alice is an anime-only character. Bummer, ne?

    And so, I just cut n' paste a whole bunch of clips together, and set it to some music I liked. Don't expect this to win any awards or anythin'. Cut & Paste is the limit of my creativity.

    Oh well, at least I like the fact that this is the ONLY music video with LAIN PSX footage (so far). Did you know (according to that out of over 2 BILLION websites, only 2 have info on the game? One no longer exists, while the other ONLY knows it exists. Be sure to drop by my Homepage to see snapshots of the game!


    Made with Premiere 6.0 and TMPGEnc.

    Music & inspiration taken from ErMaC's X/1999 AMV.

    This is the first game that wouldn't let me rip the STR movies, and no-one ever answered my numerous cries for help in the VIDEO HELP forum. And so, I recorded them live off an emulator. Sorry if the footage looks a lil' crummy...

    Getting footage from the LAIN DVD's was horrific. There were far too many complex/ambiguous guides out there, each with 7 different methods with 50 different settings to tinker with. I just gave up and used Flask 6.

    Any BAD timing was me trying to do good. Any GOOD timing was accidental. Timing only ever works in my AMV's is if it's unintentional. I swear, it freaks me out.

    I only ever give myself 12hrs for footage collection & production.

    Anyway, enjoy!

    Kisses XXOOXX

    P.S. I crave Opinions. I really do. Please Opinionate. Please.

    Jul 07 2004: Server up again.

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