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  • Member: staces
  • Studio: ^_^;; Productions
  • Title: I Need Her
  • Premiered: 2005-05-02
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    • T.A.T.U Ya Soshla S Uma
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  • Comments: Wow, this pairing has a fanbase of 1! _MEEEEEEEEEEE!_ ^o^ Kidding, seriously, this AMV deals with how Ran's loss has driven him crazy and how it's caused a fixation on his sister, Aya-chan. I feel that "Ya Soshla S Uma" is the perfect song for it. Just as a note, "Ya Soshla S Uma" should NOT be mistaken as the exact same song as "All the Things She Said" though they both has an essentially identical theme, they are very different. The English version is kinda happy in the fact that the feelings between the speaker and "she" are mutual and it's their love against social acceptance. In the Russian version it's like "dude my feelings are seriously f-ed up and I'm freakin' crazy, but I can't help it." For a transcript/comparisson of both sets of lyrics go here:

    One more thing, though "All the Things She Said" has been waaaay overdone, "Ya Soshla S Uma" only has 3 entries other than this one in the catalogue. =)

    Anyways, this AMV has some VERY DEFINITE _INCESTUOUS_ OVERTONES. Can't stomach it, don't like it? Then do not watch. X3 At this point in my AMV making 'career' I know that I have enough people who like my AMVs, that I can risk making something that I know only I will like (ala this AMV). . . Anyways, I like the pairing, I don't care if you do or don't, my AMV makes me happy.

    Also, I have gained a new respect for those who have used this song. It's freakin hard to synch! 0_o. . . . . Well, hopefully you enjoy!

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