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  • Member: ShonenDizzyCow
  • Studio: Shonen Productions
  • Title: Tekken Party
  • Premiered: 2001-04-13
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  • Song:
    • Beastie Boys Fight For Your Right (to Party)
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  • Comments: (First off, don't be discouraged by a game music video ^_^)

    Dec 2001 : Overall placed 4th for Zero Gravity AMV Contest.

    Note : There are sound effect from the original clips in this video. This is intentional. Do not be surprised.

    Additional note : Do not expect deep plot in this video, the original game barely has any plot at all - it's a fighting game, so the FMVs in this game does not have much plot or consistency of reality in the first place. Instead this video is more based on the song's lyrics to deliver action, dance and humorous fun.

    Date: Aug 23, 2001.
    Ok, this is a 2001 version of my 1998 Tekken 3 video clip. The original link was a rather poorly compressed version of the original, so I thought I re-master the video clip for full quality and re-upload, well when you try that, things tend to seep in and I ended up making a number of improvements to the video clip in the process.

    Differences (for the benefit of those who has already downloaded the previous version):
    This one now features:

    1. Better quality video

    2. Better quality audio (used to be mono!)

    3. Even better beat synch

    4. Reduced sound effects that add rather than jolt ^_^

    5. Much cleaner and tighter editing

    6. New titles and credits

    7. Better edited song

    8. Even more footage

    9. Some subtle effects

    10. More lyrics synch


    Date: April 2001

    Fun clips. Fun video. Almost a dancing video for some strange reason.

    All footage was ripped only from Tekken 3's FMV so there is no in-game footage. Interestingly it only had about 10-20 minutes of footage in TOTAL, so it was quite a challenge to weave a lyric synch video out of this. They come in both CG and Anime style so be prepared for a mix of footage. Having such funny, serious and just bizarre clips meant music video time! Some say this is an action vid, some say comedy.

    This video was originally completed in 1998, a couple of months after the PE videos. My friend had the game and we only recently found out how to rip footage from PSX games. They looked cool and were surely funny. As I never try to let great footage go to waste, I made this video. I wanted it to be as energetic as the game and the footage is.

    NOTE :For people who has downloaded this video prior to June 2001 and left a review, it would be really great if you could check out this new revision, bandwidth permitting of course. I would love your updated feedback!!

    Thanks in advance for anyone who is or has dropped a review!


    Lyrics Follows:

    Beastie Boys - Fight For Your Right
    You wake up late for school
    and you don't want to go

    You ask your mom please
    but she still says no

    You missed two classes
    and no homework

    But your teacher preaches class
    like you're some kind of jerk

    Bust it

    You gotta fight for your right to party

    Don't step out of this house
    if that's the clothes you're gonna wear

    I'll kick you out of my home
    if you don't cut that hair

    Your mom busted in and said
    "What's that noise?"

    Oh, mommy's just jealous,
    it's the Beastie Boys

    You gotta fight for your right to party


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