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  • Member: EvaFan
  • Title: End of Evangelion Tribute
  • Premiered: 2005-04-29
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    • Nightwish Deep Silent Complete
    • Nightwish Eclipse
    • Nightwish Ever Dream
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  • Comments: Well i was tired of all the people putting up Evangelion AMV's with crazy music so i decided to put up one that uses music that touches your soul. Believe me it may sound stupid but just listen to it and watch it for a while... It will better show the tragic ending and portray the scenary with this type of music. I'm new to this site so if i did anything wrong then it wasn't on purpose and if using music like this on an anime likes this is a crime then send me to jail.

    I'd like to comment that this movie does NOT portray "Hellsing" violence, its more along the lines of "Art of War" violence. If that is not aloud on this site then I question whether Evangelion should be on this site at all for that matter. If blood is not aloud then I take full responsibility for it. I should of asked first but i was too ambitious, I might have to pay for it now.


    Anyways Pros/Cons

    Pros - The music is intense when put with this anime. Really brings out the tragicness and trouble at the time. The quality of the music and video is pretty good considering the file size.

    Cons - No lip sync what so ever practically. I put about 4 hours into this, I could of spent more... Regardless I'm still proud of myself. I ran out of time on the first clip of the nightwish song so I spliced a bit more on the end and was left with a very recognizable music transition mistake. I couldn't fix it so I just continued.

    Just sit back, Full Screen, and Turn off the lights and ENJOY! You won't be disappointed, that is if you like Heart touching Anime footage. :)

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