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  • Member: RyuuMiko
  • Studio: Ryuu Miko
  • Title: InuTaisho lives in InuYasha & Sesshomaru
  • Premiered: 2005-04-25
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    • Disney He Lives In You
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  • Comments: This was a random idea when i was listening to the song He Lives in You from Lion King II: Simba's Pride. Then I thought of InuYasha the 3rd movie Tenka Hadou No Ken or a.k.a Sword of an Honourable Ruler etc. and i think it fit pretty well, Inu Taisho (Sesshomaru's & Inu Yasha's dad) who died fighting for his human wife who bore the half-demon InuYasha, this song reflects on how their dad even though his dead lives on inside them etc. so the song is a pretty good fit if i may say so.

    Didn't spend much time on this but, i'll upload it too local for now, thenwhen i do a bette version I will del this entry (hopefully it'll be accepted =P) and reenter with the new better version.

    but please give me your opinion k?

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