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  • Member: DarkSchneider
  • Title: Vampire Hunter Helsing
  • Premiered: 2005-04-19
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    • Universal Studios Van Helsing Trailer
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  • Comments: The next installment featuring the best animes, coming soon to a theater near you............well, maybe not. But anyway...
    This idea was brewin for some time, I had thought of making another anime trailer parody after finishing "Village of 1000 Corpses". It wasnt hard to decide the animes, I easily picked Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust and Hellsing, but at first I decided to use the "Freddy vs. Jason" Trailer, however I never started that, and by the time I considered starting it, I was away for an extended amount of time from my computer, unable to make any videos. Then during that time, I had gotten the Van Helsing movie on DVD. And after viewing the trailer in the extras, I decided to change my idea, and it was later I decided to throw in Chrono Crusade to fill in most of the parts, but in truth, this trailer was just an excuse to make an AMV with Vampire Hunter D footage, cuz that anime rocks! Had to improvise in a few areas, but I believe in the end, it paid off well. Enjoy!

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