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  • Member: fallout161
  • Title: Butterflies and Hurricanes
  • Premiered: 2005-04-16
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    • Muse Butterflies and Hurricanes
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  • Comments: Attention: I don't care if you read this. It doesn't contain anything earth-shatteringly useful.


    Best Drama/Romance at JACON 2005

    It's odd: during the production of a video I have a thousand things to say about it, but once I'm done, I have almost nothing to say.

    I began the video because I had a week of free time (spring break) and I knew I wanted to do a video. I had absolutely no concept when I began. I only had a list of three songs and three animes that I wanted to use... and these two simply came together first.

    The hardest part of the video for me was dealing with the amount of footage I had to choose from. Only once before, for my first video (dealing with Angelic Layer) did I use footage from a full 26-episode series. When I began the video I had only seen 8 episodes. I ended up completing about a third of the video before I marathon-watched the rest. I'm not sure how many episodes of the series I did use, but there are clips in the video that are only a few frames long, and they are the only few frames used from a certain episode. I was picky.

    I did use a few clips from the last episode, but I tried to keep it spoiler-free. I hope I didn't ruin anything.

    The song I chose because of its unique structure, and because of its range of energy. Usually I do instrumental videos, because there aren't many lyrical songs I'd choose to do a video to. For Muse I made an exception, but I had problems choosing which thing to edit to--the drums, the strings, the piano, the voice. I hope my intentions weren't too hard to follow. For the most part the song is timed rhythmically, but when the verse comes back after the long piano solo ("Don't... let yourself down...") I tried to time every clip change to a new word or syllable.

    I regret that not every beat in the song has something synced to it (especially near the end). It was half conscious decision, because I didn't want to break up the clip's content, and half because I was quickly running out of clips that I wanted to use. I' m not very familiar with the oodles of digital effects that can be used to spice up an action video, so I limited mine to flashes of white and additive dissolves, when appropriate. I'm not one for negativing the colors or freeze-framing, or any of the pre-made effects in Premiere.

    The few screen-divisions in this vid were done by my roommate Mathaeis. He only had two days before the JACON 2005 contest deadline to do them, so it was a miracle they got done at all. I know they're not the most creative at times, but I insisted upon their use, for better or worse.

    The colors were burned using After Effects 5.0. Scene by scene, Mathaeis and I chose color burns and applied them. Most of the time, the video has a bluish tint, except where it wasn't appropriate to burn at all (like when the screen was bright brown). At times of anger or despair, the burn is red. There is one mistake in the beginning, where a "revenge" clip is blue and should be red. The clips with Dio we left alone: it's too hard to burn white-heavy scenes with good results.

    I tried to use only the central characters: Claus, Lavie, Alvis, Dio, Moran, and Tatiana. Though at times I used Alex Rowe, Sophia, and even the Maestro. I used Luciora once during the split-screen near the end of the video. I didn't use Tatiana's friend even once (haha!) Oh, and Godwin snuck into a series of shots, as did that one guy who punches Claus.

    Unfortunately, I had to use subtitled fan-subs as I did not have the DVDs (or the time to get them).

    At 2:42, when the screen splits during the long middle section before the piano solo, I actually had some semblance of a concept. Part of the split is timed to the strings, and contains windy footage. I tried to match the pitch of the string with the brightness of these clips, with marginal success. The other clips rely almost completely on the character of Moran and his battle in the first (?) episode. The theme is war as a game played by higher-ups. I might have been making a statement... I don't remember.

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