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  • Member: Scoob
  • Studio: ScoobsNet Studios
  • Title: Brothers
  • Premiered: 2005-04-19
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    • The Exies Ugly
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  • Comments: This is the last amv I make on Movie Maker.

    I once said that I would go back to Movie Maker once to make my final amv for Movie Maker. Well, this is it. Oh but don't let this stop you. The amv is actually not bad.

    This amv is mainly about the relationship between Inuyasha and his brother Sesshomaru.

    It shows how they fight and don't get along but once they need to fight together to save the world they will do it even if it takes them a while to agree and also how their relationship affects the people around them.

    I hope you enjoy it at least a little.

    This amv took me such a long time to save mainly because Movie Maker did the same thing it did last time so I had to do the same thing.


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