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  • Member: Gallup
  • Title: Hayami's Shadow
  • Premiered: 2005-04-18
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    • Green Day Boulevard of Broken Dreams
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  • Comments: Today in celebration of my 20th birthday I am unveiling my newest video. It is another Blue Submarine Number 6 video, but personally I think that I did a better job on this then my first Blue Sub video. This video focuses around the main male character Hayami. Ever since I first saw this show I have wanted to do a video about this antisocial yet entertaining character, but could not find a song that seemed to fit. It wasn't until I saw a Gundam Wing video done to this song that I finally got my idea and I think that it fits perfectly. Not only is Hayami almost always by himself, but even when their are others around he acts like they don't mean that much to him and ignores them for the most part. He also likes to act on his own and in the end of the series Hayami is the only one who thinks that the problem with Zorndike can be solved in a way that does not involve fighting. Mutyo also plays a part in this vid, but she acts as Hayami's shadow since she is the only one that really cares about him and is always their to help him even if it gets her in trouble.

    Anyway I hope that you people enjoy my hard work and I am particuraly interested in hearing from people who saw my first Blue Sub video. Also make sure that you have good lighting to when watching this video because some of the scenes are somewhat dark and do NOT watch this full screen as it will look somewhat grainy.

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