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  • Member: gangstaj8
  • Studio: Flying Frog
  • Title: The Fire Within
  • Premiered: 2005-04-18
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  • Song:
    • Switchfoot on fire
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  • Comments: SPOILER NOTICE: This video pretty much gives away the whole series. If you haven't seen it yet, you shouldn't watch this AMV.

    This video is about Kenshin and the people nearest to him, mainly Tomoe and Kaoru. Unlike most of the Samurai X videos that I've seen, I tried to completely avoid the violence of the OVA in order to show the more dramatic side of the series. Therefore, this video revolves around human emotion and interaction instead of bloodshed. I focused alot on eyes and hands.

    Technical stuff:
    The video was pulled from the DVD's, processed with VDub, edited with Adobe Premiere 6.0 LE at 24 fps, and compressed using DivX 5.0.3. The audio was ripped from CD, processed with CDex, edited in Premiere, and compressed using Lame MP3 into 128 kbps. The final video is 640 X 480, and is about 38 megs.

    Music note:
    I edited out a small instrumental section towards the end of the song which shortened it by about 15 seconds. If you know the song, then you'll know where I edited it. But otherwise, you shouldn't be able to tell at all. I also inserted a short sound bite of Kaoru near the end. Now you know which language I prefer to watch this in.

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