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  • Member: Kai Stromler
  • Studio: Shin Hatsubai/Kuroi Kenshi
  • Title: swords cross enn Midgarth
  • Premiered: 2005-04-18
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  • Song:
    • Hypocrisy Adjusting The Sun
  • Anime:
  • Comments: I was intending to just do this project as a remaster, because I liked, and still like, the version I did back in 2001 (SH005). However, there ended up being half again as many cuts in this one as in the original, and many of the shots that were in the original were radically changed. It's not a straight remaster, and probably ought to be considered a different video, though not strongly so. In the end, it's up to the admins; for now, it's up as SH097.

    The change in title reflects the "new model" nature of the video and, like many of Shin Hats' deliberately overpretentious titles, can be read in more than one way. This video was going to be called "Eld Surtrs", but I wasn't sure that that was correct usage in any Scandinavian language, and it also made more sense to keep it at least peripherally related to the original title....which was also scratched up on a whim, exclusively for the purposes of the .org's title system.

    Effects in this one are mostly speed modification and some layering; there is one shot that is reversed, but on the whole this was not an effects-intensive video, mostly because the concept worked in the original -- few flaws to spackle over with digital baling wire.

    The old-school texting is also "remake" style stuff, following the general style of texting used in SH005 (and SH001 through SH009, actually) to identify the artist, album, and recording company. I was thinking about logoing this video with Viva's upper-right color-triangles bug (for the enhanced ripped-metal-video experience), but that's a little presumptuous, and I never got around to modding the graphic anyhow.

    Shin Hats Self-Grade: A. It came out about the same as SH005, maybe a little better. It was worth the effort required to turn that damn DVD into something useful.
    stats: #clips: 111. average length: 2.55 seconds. total time: 10 hours.

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