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  • Member: FirestormXIII
  • Studio: Firestorm, Inc.
  • Title: Destined Rivals
  • Premiered: 2002-03-22
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    • Zone of the enders OST Flowing Destiny
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  • Comments: This video started out as a trailer for Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. But as I've said to myself time and time again 'I looked up and realized it wasn't a trailer anymore, just a short AMV'.
    This video is done to the song 'Flowing Destiny' from the Zone of the Enders game and centers around the rivalry that develops between Meier Link and D. It shows that D and Meier were destined to clash sooner or later, because of their situations (Meier kidnapping Charlotte, D being a Hunter). And after their first clash, how they look forward to the next time when they can finish their duel. There are also traces of something else looming over the horizon that threatens both of them, but for the moment they don't see the threat. (If you haven't seen the movie you probably won't recognize the threat. In fact anyone that's seen the movie might not notice either, because I used symbolism to represent the threat)
    And yes, i know the song is short. But I didn't cut it any, this is the song in it's entirety. Too long to be a trailer, and too short to be an AMV. So what is it then...? :O...

    *Update March 27th, 2003*
    Video now up on the Carrot.

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