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  • Member: shadowfox998
  • Title: Spirit Detective
  • Premiered: 2005-04-15
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    • Metallica Fade to Black
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  • Comments: Ok first of all this video is of Yusuke starting off as a Spirit Detective and when he ends as one. This video took 4 months to make mostly the converting of the dvd videos. This video is not the best of quality but if I gave you the high quality file it would be 300mb so make do. I think the song has a great meaning on how Yusuke felt and in parts of what he was thinking. So I hope you like this amv it took alot of time and i put alot of work into it because Yu Yu Hakusho is the best anime(in some peoples minds).

    Also there will be a part two to this video(you will see why when you watch) and i would like to know if I should do the next video the same way or use the adobe after effects and stuff like leave an opinon on what you think, and sit back to view the great of GOD!

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    Vegas 5.0
    DivxDoctor 1.6

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