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  • Member: Sephiroth
  • Studio: DMRA(DuoMaxwellReiAyanamiProductions)
  • Title: FLD (Four Little Diamonds)
  • Premiered: 2005-04-15
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    • Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) Four Little Diamonds
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  • Comments: It's pretty hard to describe this video correctly but i'll give it a try.
    After creating Devil never cry i started on this video and spent alot of time working it out. I got this idea while listening to the song Fout Little Diamonds by ELO and the idea that it would go to an AMV entered my mind. I did have a few idea's of what it may be but i figgured out that i wanted to use ghost in the shell.

    This was because every single ghost in the shell video ive ever seen has been along way to similar of a theme ether it's about the action in GITS or going for some heavy phylisophical/ match techno said techno song mood. I didn't want ether when i was working on this. I also tried to avoid using many of the cliched GITS video scene's.

    Origenally this video was ment to straight out play as a kind of emotional drama between Makoto and Boute. SLowly i started to peace together more of what the song was about until i finally found the lyrics. Then i realized this was a song about a man seeking revenge and thus the video would be the same.

    I was very lucky that GITS2 had come out as in that boute acts alot more then he does in GITS 1 otherwise the video just wouldn't have worked. Very much so at the end when Boute and Kusanagi fight, something which i achived without any rotoscoping or cheap tricks something which while i understand it in the context of making a film, i still don't see a real need to do it in my AMV work.

    So ultimetly this is a revenge peice about Boute recalling how much he cared about Makoto then hunter her and her lover (puppetmaster down) down. The scene with boute in the car is supoosed to denote that he is drving the vehicle in the next scene which runs her/him down. The puppet master pop up from time to time as a kind of reacuring element up until boute runs him over in which case it then becomes more freeformed showing the corpse and of corse boute going after Kusanagi. This works fot the most part but may cause some confution durring the gunfight at the end.

    The overall song says the gist of the plot though i did decide to exspand on it much like what i have been doing with my recent crop of AMVs. Makoto would be identified as 'four little diamonds'(which also relates to the number of inputs on the back of her neck. Boute being the guy telling us the naration of the story (The I that they song speaks of) and lastly that women which came about by interperating the lines "She was a cheater in a interesting context. Instead of cheating on 'me' and running away with said four litte diamonds the person is called four little diamonds and cheated on 'I' with that women. So everything in this video relise on context to make it work.

    The gunfight at the very end was the very last thing thought of, since it serves as a end to everything that has transpired before i needed to know what the ist of the kind of story/AMV i was making before i came up with the end. It was the last part edited in this video. It was sucessfully made because of 2 things.

    1. screen direction- the origenal scene in GITS and GITS 2 are sometimes flipped in order to make sure that the idea of Makoto being on the right and Boute on the left stays the same. Otherwise things looks disjointed and ultimetly like they are not shooting at each other.

    2. the attackers being off screen and the weapons used durring the actions sequinces. Both charecters were being fired at with fast machine guns, any time a scene showed the mech tank that wa attacking Makoto in GITS 1 i couldn't use it, same thing goes with the Yakuza thugs in GITS 2. Cutting in all the scene i could use then cutting them together in a such a way as to make a resonably understandable set of fire and return fire ultimetly hit the idea home. It is very similar to something buster Keaton did in the general where there were 2 arrmies fighting, he just dressed up the cast in different outfit and had them fight against something off screen then did the same for the opposing army with the same people. Like that it creates the idea of 2 side taken from completely different periods of time are actully there fighting at the exact same time.

    Like any other video i do this was alot of work to figgure out and as i have been doing this hobby for about 5 year i am growing very tired of it. I beleave i have it in me to do one more video then i'm ether going to take a short or eternal break from AMV making. So this may very well be my 2nd to last video which i will say is something i enjoyed amking but i really don't want to much more involvment with the current AMV community I feel as though i have lost something very dear when it comes to AMVs the current flood over the past year brings me no videos that really i care about. This isn't a final decition but it is something that is very much on my mind. I do hope that i can be proved wrong but that hasn't happened.

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