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  • Members: VicBond007, Rinny
  • Studio: VicBond007 Productions
  • Title: Can You Feel the Love Tonight
  • Premiered: 2005-04-08
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    • Disney Can you Feel the Love Tonight
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  • Comments: THE DEADLINE IS WHEN?!

    I wanted to send this video to Otakon in hopes of finally ending DWChang's monopoly on the romance category, however the combination of schoolwork mixed with World of Warcraft left me with a 3 week window to finish the effect-heavy video I intended to complete for Tekkoshocon. In a fit of desperation, I had 3 computers rip DVDs while my good friend, Rinny, told me exactly where every scene I wanted was in the series, and she did it all by memory ._.

    There are no really cool effects in this video. One scene I lip synced in photoshop. That's about all. Oooo. Cuts 'n' fades...high tech stuff!

    I know, it's not my usual AMV but it's still really cute, and come on, it's Wolfs Rain! Wolfs Rain is like blue hair! you can't go wrong with blue hair!

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