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  • Member: staces
  • Studio: ^_^;; Productions
  • Title: психотическая любовь- a Farfarello x Schuldig Tribute
  • Premiered: 2005-04-11
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    • TATU Stars
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  • Comments: You know what's rather upsetting? The fact that THIS, a tribute made for a pairing that I'm am (at best) vaguely amused by turned out so much vastly cooler than my Schwarz Wie Unsere Liebe AMV which was a tribute to my OTP of all time! >_< Oh well, the fact is that this one, I think, turned out pretty darn good especially considering the limitations on the source. I'm also glad that I managed not to repeat anything till the end (and that's very intentional and the way it's done it's obvious that it's intentional).

    Anyways, this is a Farfarello x Schuldig tribute, done to the T.A.T.U. song stars. This AMV was rather spontaneous and the idea came while I was preparing the Weiß Kreuz footage for something else and listening to my T.A.T.U. CD at the same time. Though it was unplanned I think that the song and source go pretty well together. The AMV is meant to be taken seriously, but some people might crack up. Either way as long as it's enjoyed right? ^^;;

    By the way there IS LYRIC SYNCHING, the footage in the Russian rap parts is not random. It may be poorly lyric synched but I did my best. If it's messed up blame it on the fact that I don't speak and ounce of Russian (do languages come in ounces?).

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