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  • Member: Khandreia
  • Studio: Vulture Studios
  • Title: Ice Blue
  • Premiered: 2002-03-20
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  • Song:
    • Madonna Frozen
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  • Comments: I always swore once I started making AMV's that I'd never use a mainstream or pop song for one of my videos, as I wanted to keep them as original as possible that way (that and I barely like any mainstream music anymore), but of course, when I said that to myself, I never expected to have such a song so clearly define something in real life.

    Just days before I started working on this, I had my heart broken very badly by someone I really loved, basically in that he wasn't returning the same feelings I felt for him, and it left me terribly depressed. A very short time after that, I looked through my music collection to find a song that best fit my situation, and "Frozen" was without a doubt the best one I had. And as I listened to the song a couple times over, I began to realize just how much it fit Jamil's stoic, seemingly "cold-hearted" personality as well, especially in how Sala Tyrrell, his second-in-command, really seems to have a thing for him but he doesn't seem to care. Because of that, this video concept--my most personal yet--was born. I know I already did a video about Jamil in my very first one (being "Captain Jamil," of course), but while that video's purpose was to try to show who Jamil was as an all-around character because so few people had paid any attention to him in other GX AMV's that had been done before that, this one was meant to show more of a darker side and what makes him the "frozen" individual he is.

    Although it was my most personal video yet, it was also my most difficult and time-consuming video yet, taking five long days to edit--the longest yet for any of my videos--in that horribly buggy and crash-prone program that is Windows Movie Maker, so this certainly wasn't without some headaches along the way. I once again had to use DivX-encoded source footage (so the picture quality in this ranges from very good in most parts to, well . . . bleh . . . in a few others), but that was only because I tried ripping from my bootleg DVD's and couldn't figure out for the life of me how to fix up the picture quality to look as good as some of the encodes I had (not to mention that I certainly didn't have enough hard drive space to rip all 39 episodes--nearly all of which have at least one clip in here from--and have them at a decent quality without resorting to encoding them in DivX to save space >_

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