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  • Title: The Legend of Kyoto
  • Premiered: 2005-04-09
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    • Ayumi Hamasaki Because of You
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  • Comments: This video about Shishio, my favorite character in Rurouni Kenshin. I tried to show the similarities between Kenshin and Shishio, and how Shishio affected the others in the Kyoto arc. I did include some clips of the Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal movie in the vid, thought I tried to use it was sparingly as possible, only put in like 10 seconds of it. Making this video was very hard to come with a story line, as we do hear about Shishio's past, but there are very few clips of his past and Shishio didn't really go through any struggle, but rather put the main characters throughout the struggle and fights. So for the video I really tried to focus on Shishio, from not wanting a lack of a story, I had included the others within the Kyoto Arc, namely Kenshin, Aoshi, Saitou, Sanosuke, Soujiro, Usui, and Anji. Now that I look back at the video, it is more of my interprtation of the Kyoto Arc, rather than a full Shishio tribute. I really had trouble finding the right song for this video, I went throughout loads on English songs, but none of them really conveyed the story that i really wanted. In result I picked a song in a foreign language so the lyrics would have no meaning in the vid, rather the singers voice would be treated as an instrument within the video. I really had fun editing this video and overall I am happy with the way the vid turned out.

    My thoughts of each of the sections of the video

    Beginning Piano effects
    -yeah, probably one of the most used effects, but I personally like the piano effects, no matter how unoriginal it is. And no, unlike another famous Rurouni Kenshin video, Evolution ,( where I got the idea to put he piano effects) with piano effects, the piano effects are not accurate to a real piano, I just placed the keys randomly, wherever it looked good. :)

    Shishio vs. Kenshin (pt.1)
    - For this section I put clips of Shishio’s explosive strength =) Throughout the video I had shown how strong Shishio is compared to each of the four characters that he fights.

    Kenshin vs. Soujiro
    - This section was to introduce Soujiro in the video, and also to show the power he has.

    Shishio/Soujiro section
    - I showed the history of Soujiro and how Shishio affected his life when his was a child.

    Shishio vs. Saitou
    -pretty much the same reasons as Kenshin vs. Shishio part1 section :)

    Saitou vs. Usui
    - pretty much the same reasons as the Kenshin vs. Soujiro part, except with Usui :)

    Shishio/Usui section
    - Same as the Shishio/Soujiro section, this part was to show why Usui hates Shishio so much.

    Shishio vs. Aoshi;
    Shishio vs. Sanosuke

    - same reasons as the Shishio vs. Saitou section =)

    Shishio and Yumi;
    Kenshin and Tomoe

    - This is probably the most important part of the video. This is where we the real underlying similarities and differences between Shishio and Kenshin.

    Kenshin vs. Saitou
    - This is a flash back of Kenshin's fight with Saitou in the beginning of the Kyoto Arc. I remember watching this episode(the English dub =/) on Cartoon network, and during the fight Sanosuke said something along the lines of " They're not fighting in the new world of the Meji, they're fighting during the revolution in Kyoto. This gave me the idea of using the Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal Saitou and Kenshin fight within this section of the video. I also tried to show how Kenshin and Saitou had to put aside their differences in order to go and take on Shishio in Kyoto.

    Aoshi pt.2
    - I never real gave back story to Aoshi, so I guess this as the best place to put it this was where I started to show Shishio's real power. In other words in this section I put clips of Aoshi's fight with Okina. Aoshi's best attack, the kaiten kenbu rokuren, was enough to take out Okina, but was not nearly enough to hurt Shishio.

    Sanosuke/Anji pt.3
    -Same as the previous, Sanosuke's Futai no Kiwami wasn't enough finish Anji, but it in itself was a very strong attack, as it did hurt Anji, and that attack was to Anji's chest, which had overwhelming amounts of muscle. When Sanosuke launched his attack, it was a direct hit, but Shishio didn't seem the least bit harmed, and the punch was to Shishio's face.0_0 I also included a little bit Anji's history within this section.

    Saitou pt3
    -yep, same reasons as the previous two parts, Saitou's Zero Stance Gatotsu was more than enough to kill Usui, but didn't even make contact with Shishio, and that was with his back turned away from Saitou.

    Kenshin ( Soujiro part)
    - We see the final parts of Soujiro and Kenshin and how Kenshin's Ameakakeru ryo no hirameki(sp?) was powerful enough to even take out Soujiro.

    Kenshin vs. Shishio final
    - It is in my opinion that it was during the learning of the Amekakeru ryo no hirameki, is where Kenshin began to heal from the loss of his wife Tomoe. I know that he resolved this part during the Enishi arc (haven't read the manga, but I have read the summaries.) Kenshin was inally able to start to forgive himself and fight to live, for his ife with Karou and his friends.

    -In the end of the video, where I tried to give the conclusion of each of the "bad guys" of the video. For Usui is was hard to give him a conclusion as I already had shown him getting killed by Saitou in an earlier part of the vid, so i put some my favorite clips of him for his part. For the Anji part I gave kind of another summary of how he became to be, and for his final clip I put an overlay of The past Anji and Anji in the prison cell. I tried to show that Anji had realized his mistakes, how has become back to his former self, as Monk Anji, and is repenting for his sins. The Soujiro part is similar to the Anji part, showing his past and present. For Soujiro's final scene, like Anji's final scene, I put an overlay of Soujiro walking away to wander Japan to find his answer, and Soujiro was child standing wondering if Shishio was right in the respect that " the strong must live, and the weak will die. " Soujiro knew what saved him as a child was Shishio's words, but now since his fight with Kenshin he would set on his own journey to ind his answers. The Shishio part in pretty self explanatory, ended it with the final scene of Shishio in the Kyoto Arc.

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    - Vegas Video
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    - TMPGEnc

    Enjoy =)

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