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  • Member: AMVfreak
  • Title: ヘミソフィア
  • Premiered: 2005-04-08
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    • Sakamoto Maaya ヘミソフィア
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  • Comments: Video: Final Fantasy VIII
    Audio: Sakamoto Maaya - Hemisofia

    So what exactly is this? It's the Rahxephon opening set to Final Fantasy VIII. Similiarly, it serves FFVIII as the "TV series" that never premiered. A Final Fantasy VIII TV Series opening.

    You're wrong! Why is it spelled hemisofia?
    Because, that's how it is supposed to be translated, in terms of the correct conversion between Japanese and English.
    No! I've heard it was spelled "Hemisphere/Hemisophia" in English! What's going on?
    ヘミソフィア is in katakana, which hints at the word being interpreted from an origin of a word from another language. In the English language, it can refer to the word, "Hemisphere," meaing "half sphere/circle." But, alternatively, it can be read "hemi-sophia," in Latin Roots, meaning "Half Wisdom." Why give a direct translation to a possible open interpretation? I wanted to leave the interpretation of the word ヘミソフィア open for the audience to choose themselves. Therefore, I have named it "hemisofia" in terms of technical language translation- the meaning behind the word is subjective.

    Enjoy. More and more proper video info yet to come.

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