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  • Member: silver_moon
  • Studio: Dark Moon Studios
  • Title: FF10-LaSoldier
  • Premiered: 2002-03-18
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    • Sailor Moon La Soldier
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  • Comments: This video is very different from my others. The song "La Soldier" is from Sailor Moon when Princess Serenity was fighting the wiseman, and it's a fast-paced battle song. Ever since I've heard it, I loved it, and I was planning to do it to Final Fantasy 10 for a long time. The song is in Japanese, and I found a translation to it and decided to put the translation in the song as well, making my own subtitles. This feature made this video very different from my other ones, and it has a completely different style.

    The video itself is mostly about Yuna and her strength of mind, and about her journey to battle Sin.
    I downloaded all of the clips from

    **This video contains scences from the ending and many spoilers**

    **Note: the e-mail address at the end of the video is wrong, that account was discontinued. My new address is

    ^^^^UPDATE (Dec. 29, 2003)^^^^^^^^

    I uploaded a new version of the video onto the local server. The only thing different about it is the sound. I replaced the audio with a much higher-quality audio track, so the audio in the video is no longer painful to listen to. The original video with the original sound is still on the indirect link.

    Mar. 5, 2004: The old local link led to a video file that stuttered on playback, so finally I was able to upload a working version. The video should play fine now, with improved audio quality. Enjoy. ;)

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