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  • Member: JenCM18
  • Title: SailorMoonStars-OnlyWhenILoseMyself
  • Premiered: 2005-04-05
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    • Depeche Mode Only When I Lose Myself
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  • Comments: 47th music video I have made ^_^

    This mv only took me about maybe 5 or 6 days [I think probably more than 4 hours each day] to make since I already knew what scenes and everything to use because this is a remake of another one I have made so I just copied my other one and just changed a few scenes in it and synced it better. I like this one way MUCH better too.

    Footage: I'll say the footage is really CLEAR. The only thing is I don't like the color its a bit dark not enough brightness and contrast and I didn't bother changing it. [I had ripped the footage from the import dvds I have got from ebay 2 years ago I think. I know they still have some listed at around $40 or $50] I had read somewhere that the dvds are just copied from the laser discs so thats why the footage is dark.

    If I ever plan on making any other sm stars mvs I will brighten the footage ^.~

    Sorry at the end I realized I put March instead of April. u.u;; I didn't realize it was wrong until after I made and saved it and deleted all the clips. So its actually supposed to be April 5th, 2005.

    Effects: The only effects I have in this video is the fade rubber band effect and only one part I used motion to make a clip zoomed. [Part where Usagi is falling and a scene of mamoru flashing zooms in]

    Codec used: XVID [need xvid and maybe divx to view this video]

    I'm so happy to make bigger resolution videos now!!!! Its only 480*320 but its still a good video size!! Can still make it full screen and it not look crappy. SO YAY!! ^_^

    This was really a pain in the butt to make but it was worth it. I'm very happy how it came out.. Had to save it many many many times. Always save a lot of times incase premiere crashes on you.

    I had to export just parts of it and then reput it all back together and export it. Because when I tried exporting it still as a project file it would kick me out of premiere or I get a thing popping up saying low virtual memory and it wouldn't save right. So I'm glad to figure out a way to save it. Actually my sister figured that out and I did the same.

    Please enjoy my first 480*320 resolution video ^_^

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